Repair and Renovation Services

Rainmaker Sprinkler Company is your full service sprinkler company for all of your major brand repair needs by our Certified Irrigation Repair Specialist.

Services Provided:

  • Renovation of sprinkler system for better water coverage
  • Diagnose and repair problems on all brands
  • Location of sprinkler valves using state of the art locators
  • Location and repair of cut or damaged control wires
  • Installation of rain and freeze sensor for automatic shut-off
  • Repair and/or replacement of sprinkler controllers
  • Rebuild or replace broken or defective vacuum breakers
  • Diagnose and repair low pressure problems

Rainmaker Sprinkler Company charges an hourly rate with a minimum of one hour charge, plus drive time (maximum 15 minutes) unless out of town. After the first hour of service, all time is prorated at 15 minute increments.

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