Landscape Lighting

Let us light your life!

In Oklahoma, it’s night for over 3,500 hours each year! Why not make the most of it. Owner and designer of Rainmaker Sprinkler Company Inc., David VanBuskirk, holds an Associate Degree of 12-Volt Outdoor Lighting Technology From NIGHTSCAPING UNIVERSITY In California.

Why Light?

Professional landscape lighting enhances nightime beauty while providing safety and security for you and your loved ones.

  • BEAUTY: Outdoor lighting will do for your home at night what landscaping does during the day — make it comfortable, attractive and enjoyable.
  • SAFETY: Outdoor lighting for your driveway, path and steps helps to avoid accidents and injury.
  • SECURITY: Outdoor lighting allows you and your family extended outdoor enjoyment while deterring intruders with a well lit home.

Lighting Techniques That Beautify Your Landscape

Teammember <strong>DOWNLIGHTING</strong>
Downlighting creates the mood by illuminating recreational areas and directing focus onto special landscaping or distinctive architecture.
Teammember <strong>UPLIGHTING</strong>
Uplighting creates a dramatic effect by projecting shadows, highlighting the interiors of landscaping or showcasing a fountain or statue.
Teammember <strong>PATHLIGHTING</strong>
Pathlighting provides a safe passage throughout the property by illuminating the driveway, path and steps.

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